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SolarCity Launches Microgrid Service, Available Worldwide

SolarCity(R) (SCTY), America’s #1 solar power provider, today unveiled GridLogic, a microgrid service that combines distributed energy resources—solar, batteries and controllable load—to enable a cleaner, more resilient and more affordable way of providing power. SolarCity’s microgrid service ensures that any community anywhere in the world vulnerable to power outages and high energy costs—including remote or

SolarCity aims for the Sun with 1GW Target for 2015

SolarCity 1GW

SolarCity released their Q4 2014 results today which outlined the progress they’ve made throughout the year, and the ambitions they have for the future. The letter to shareholders starts with: “On December 31, we concluded the best quarter and year in our history. We created more long-term value for shareholders in 2014 than we had