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Texas Gas Players Consolidate as Vistra Agrees to Buy Dynegy

Vistra Energy wants to buy fellow Texas-based power producer Dynegy for $1.74 billion in stock. If approved by regulators, the combined company would have a market capitalization greater than $10 billion and an enterprise value greater than $20 billion. It would serve 240,000 commercial and industrial (C&I) customers and 2.7 million residential customers in five

ITC Issues Recommendations in Section 201 Solar Trade Case

The U.S. International Trade Commission released a set of recommendations on the Section 201 solar trade case Tuesday that will soon make their way to President Trump for final consideration. Commissioners Irving Williamson and David Johanson aligned on the proposal to place a 30 percent ad valorem tariff on imported crystalline silicon PV (CSPV) modules,

Commissioners Recommend Solar Tariffs and Quotas in Trade Case

In a hearing held today, October 31, the U.S. International Trade Commissioners announced their recommended tariffs, quotas and other recommendations for solar modules imported into the United States from anywhere else in the world. …read more

ITC recommends trade duties fall short of Suniva/SolarWorld Americas requests

The US International Trade Commission (ITC) has recommended duties and quotas in the section 201 case falling some way short of those requested by the petitioners. …read more

Halloween Podcast Special: Why You Should Fear a Widespread Cyberattack on the Grid

Still looking for a scary costume for this Halloween? Here’s a terrifying idea: Dress up like an “attack vector” or an “advanced persistent threat.” This week’s topic of conversation is a combination disaster movie and cat-and-mouse political thriller — encompassing extreme weather, hacking and political espionage. We’re talking security threats to the electric grid with

Intevac hit by delays in shipping major ‘ENERGi’ solar ion implant tool order

Specialist semiconductor and PV equipment supplier Intevac has reported delays in supplying a 12 unit order for its ‘ENERGi’ solar ion implant tool to a customer in China planning to ramp N-type mono IBC (Interdigitated Back Contact) solar cells and modules. …read more

What Happens When Solar Installers Get Frustrated with Loan Options?

Listen to Blake Jones and Aaron James discuss solar loans and the decisions consumers are making about financing today, new financing options and services, and the question of transparency in the solar loans market. …read more

Flexibility, Not Resilience, Is the Key to Wholesale Electricity Market Reform

U.S. electricity markets face scrutiny over revenue problems and reliability concerns as greater amounts of renewable energy come on-line. This scrutiny has intensified after the Department of Energy’s proposal to compensate coal and nuclear power plants with 90 days of fuel on site. But coal and nuclear subsidies to boost “resilience” miss the main challenge