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At ARPA-E Summit, Many a Plea for Federal Funding of Basic Research

The debate over how best to fund early-stage energy innovation took on a keen sense of urgency at the Department of Energy’s ARPA-E Summit near Washington, D.C. this week. Leading speakers at the advanced energy research agency’s annual gathering Monday portrayed science funding as a matter of national interest and economic vitality. This was no

How Nuclear Power Could Fizzle or Flourish Under President Trump

For Exelon CEO Chris Crane, there’s never been a more dynamic or uncertain period in his career than right now — particularly when it comes to the future of the nation’s nuclear power fleet. “When you look at the potential risk on one of the more reliable, baseload generating assets, nuclear assets, there are significant

High Number of Billion-Dollar Natural Disasters in the U.S. Impacted Solar Production in 2016

With an El Niño still in effect in the first half of the year, 2016 claimed the record for second highest number of billion dollar natural disasters. This included fifteen weather and climate disasters causing a total of $46 billion in damages. Four of these were inland flooding events not associated with named tropical storms,

Alberta’s new rebate programme to create 10,000 rooftop PV systems by 2020

The government of Canadian province Alberta is creating a C$36 million rebate programme for solar installations on residential and commercial buildings. …read more

California Is Considering a 100 Percent Renewable Energy Law. That’s a Bad Idea

Last week, California’s quest for a clean grid revolution culminated in the introduction of a bill mandating 100 percent renewable energy by 2045. Senator Kevin de León, a longtime environmental leader in the state senate, wrote the measure, which comes on the heels of last year’s major greenhouse gas reduction bill. Massachusetts legislators introduced the

Five steps to successful utility-scale solar in Africa

GreenWish Partners, a grassroots not-for-profit investor with headquarters in Paris and Dublin, has been successful in implementing utility-scale PV plants in Africa. With a mission to demonstrate the potential of renewable energy to fuel the economic and social development of the continent, the company is well on its way to achieving its 600MW of installed

Minnesota proposes 50% renewables by 2030

Minnesota is pushing for an even more aggressive renewable portfolio standard (RPS) with the Dayton administration proposing 50% renewables integration by 2030. …read more

Victoria doubles solar FiT for homes and businesses

Australia’s Victoria government has more than doubled the feed-in-tariff (FiT) rates for small-scale renewables in a move widely praised by PV advocates. …read more