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What If We Redesigned the Grid From Nothing?

What would the electric grid look like if we redesigned it from scratch using today’s vast array of new technologies and rate designs? Would utilities, regulators and distributed energy providers agree on the design? They might agree on more than you think. In this week’s show, we’ll talk with Julia Hamm, president and CEO of

World Bank to lend US$1 billion for Indian solar push in 2017

The World Bank Group today signed an agreement with the International Solar Alliance (ISA), which was formed at the COP21 Paris summit last year, and is comprised of 121 countries led by India, to partner on scaling up solar energy use globally, with the goal of mobilising US$1 trillion in investments by 2030. …read more

Brexit Vote Not Likely to Alter UK Clean Energy Trajectory

Like star-crossed lovers, Britain and the European Union could not last. Their relationship’s demise has left onlookers wondering what will become of their shared plans, including the push for a cleaner electrical grid. The global stock markets plunged into turmoil and the pound sank to a 31-year low. The Brexit vote has thrown off all

Will String Inverters Completely Replace Central Inverters in the US Solar Market?

Ask a utility solar project developer or installer in the United States if they think string inverters should be used for a 50-megawatt PV project and they will tell you, “We aren’t sure yet, but we’re working hard to find out.” Three-phase string inverters have made giant leaps forward over the past several years. Prices

D.light Expands Its Financing Platform for Off-Grid Solar Home Systems

Solar lantern startup d.light design is licensing its pay-as-you-go financing to its partners and distributors across the globe to scale the reach of its solar lights and home systems. At over a decade old, d.light is a pioneer in the burgeoning market for off-grid solar solutions. Its most recent funding round in 2014 raised $11

Coal India bags 200MW solar plant agreement with SECI

Organised state-owned mining corporate Coal India Limited (CIL) signed two agreements with the Solar Energy Corporation of India (SECI) for a 200MW solar PV plant in Madhya Pradesh. …read more

Colorado PUC reverses decision and approves community solar programme

The Colorado Public Utilities Commission (PUC) yesterday granted reconsideration of a proposal by the state’s largest utility Xcel Energy and three solar companies, for community solar gardens that had earlier been rejected. …read more

Investment in renewables required to achieve global climate goals is ‘entirely possible’ – IRENA

The International Renewable Energy Agency (IRENA) have stated in a report released today that the required investment to meet global climate and sustainable development goals is “entirely possible”, with the right changes. …read more