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There Are Many Ways to Value Distributed Energy on the Local Grid. What’s the Best? [GTM Squared]

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Arizona Public Service Defends Navigant Consulting’s Analysis on Third-Party Owned Solar Systems

On March 31, 2016, GTM ran an article by David Burton, titled Navigant Consulting’s Report on Residential Solar Misconstrues Value of Tax Attributes. The Navigant report critiqued by Mr. Burton was submitted as testimony in the UNS Electric rate case by my company, Arizona Public Service (APS). Mr. Burton’s criticisms warrant a response, since his

SPI Energy delays filing annual report

China-based PV project developer SPI Energy, formerly US-based Solar Power, Inc said it was delaying the filing of its 2015 annual report, without providing any further details. …read more

GTM Statcast: The Week in Energy in Less Than 60 Seconds [GTM Squared]

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A Conversation With David Crane on Getting Fired From NRG and What’s Next for His Energy Plans

David Crane, former CEO of the competitive energy supplier NRG Energy, once owned a bar and pizza shop in Hong Kong. “That was fun,” he said, addressing a small group of law students at New York University earlier this month. “Terrible pizza though.” Crane is far better known for his career in the energy sector

Greenland’s Early Ice Melt Shocks Scientists: ‘We Had to Check That Our Models Were Still Working’

Sydney Morning Herald: Greenland Ice Sheet Melting Has Started Early In a year of startling data pointing to a warming world, the thin blue line in the chart below of Greenland’s ice melt was initially dismissed as just too outlandish to be accurate. Greenland is home to the world’s second largest ice mass, containing enough

China to extend anti-dumping duties on EU polysilicon

China is to extend its anti-dumping duty on imports of European solar-grade polysilicon. The original tariffs expire at the end of Saturday April 30. …read more

Australian Capital Territory targets 100% renewable energy by 2020

Australian Capital Territory (ACT) is targeting 100% renewable energy by 2020 instead of the previous goal of 90%. …read more