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2015 Was the Year of Cheap Gasoline in America. But It Hasn’t Been a Big Economic Boost

Washington Post: $2 Gas Is Not Having the Economic Impact Everyone Thought It Would If low oil prices are a gift to U.S. consumers, why isn’t the U.S. economy growing faster? After all, cheap crude pumps money into consumers’ pockets much the same way a tax cut would. The drop in oil prices this year

Cleantech IPOs: Predictions Revisited, 2015 Winners, 2016 Picks

GTM has a respectable track record in predicting cleantech IPOs — despite the conspicuous lonesomeness of these events. An Initial Public Offering (IPO) or acquisition is the promised land for venture capital-funded startups — but the fact is that most cleantech companies require a longer time frame, a bigger budget, and a different set of

10 Predictions for Rooftop Solar in 2016

2015 was a banner year for solar policy: Obama announced his Clean Power Plan, Pope Francis came out in favor of incentives for renewables and against fossil fuels, the California Public Utilities Commission announced its preliminary decision that Net Metering 2.0 should be at the retail rate (the deal’s not done; there are still extra

Survey: Half of Small Solar Installers Don’t Offer Leases or PPAs

More than half of small residential solar installers surveyed said that they do not offer any leases or power-purchase agreements, according to a new survey from EnergySage. EnergySage works with nearly 300 installers. The online solar marketplace polled more than 100 small- and mid-sized installers and found that the majority offer only cash purchases or

Morocco Mysteriously Cancels Inauguration of a 160-Megawatt CSP Plant

AFP: Morocco Postpones Opening of Huge Solar Plant Without Explanation Morocco postponed without explanation the inauguration of Noor-1, a solar power plant due to open Sunday in Ouarzazate, part of what will eventually be the world’s largest solar power production facility. When asked by AFP, the communications agency that organised the inauguration on behalf of

A Schism in Solar Advocacy Spending and Strategy

SolarCity disclosed earlier this month that it is a financial backer of the Checks and Balances Project, a clean energy “watchdog” group that has launched several campaigns against utility regulators, seeking to expose bias against the solar industry. Will Craven, a SolarCity spokesperson, told Arizona’s Yellow Sheet Report on December 8 that his company has

The Outlook for Wind and Solar After the Paris Climate Talks

Solar and wind dominate investments in renewable energy. How much bigger will these technologies get under a global climate deal? That was what MIT researchers tried to answer in a November report evaluating the cumulative impact of individual country plans to reduce greenhouse gas emissions submitted at the Paris climate summit. If those targets are

China presses on with 2016 solar FiT cuts

China’s government is apparently pressing ahead with plans to trim feed-in tariff rates for on-grid solar from early 2016. …read more