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Pecos County, Texas

Southern Company subsidiary Southern Power has obtained a controlling interest in the 157MW Roserock solar facility from solar developer Recurrent Energy. …read more

Southern Company subsidiary obtains 157MW solar project in Texas

Southern Company subsidiary Southern Power has acquired a controlling interest in the 157MW Roserock solar facility — the company’s first solar project in Texas — from solar developer Recurrent Energy. …read more

The World’s Most Prominent Tech Leaders Plan to Spend Billions on Clean Energy R&D

Bill Gates launched a multibillion-dollar public-private partnership today to fund research and development of innovative clean energy technologies intended to lower carbon emissions and improve access to energy worldwide. Gates, a billionaire philanthropist with an interest in energy, introduced the initiative to kick off the United Nations climate talks in Paris. The partnership was established

The Mercifully Short List of Fallen Solar Companies: 2015 Edition

Perhaps it’s time to allow Herman, the solar obituary skull, to return to the catacombs from whence he came. He’s witnessed the corporate demise of more than 100 solar firms that were knocked down by greed, delusion, bad luck or bad timing. We’re seeing far less of him lately. Keeping track of failing solar companies

COP21: Bill Gates, Facebook CEO, Alibaba founder join Whitehouse clean energy R&D drive

Microsoft founder Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberg of Facebook and a Saudi Arabian prince are among the names signed up to support the Breakthrough Energy Coalition, an initiative launched as COP21 climate talks begin today in Paris. …read more

Modi and Hollande to launch global Solar Alliance at COP21

Indian prime minister and French president Francois Hollande will jointly launch the International Solar Alliance (ISA) at the COP21 climate conference in Paris today. …read more

‘Fair market conditions’ more important than subsidies, says German storage association

A trade association representing some of Germany’s energy storage industry has welcomed the renewal of a support scheme for batteries, but says that establishing “fair market conditions” for storage would be more important. …read more

‘Severe delays’ to PPA signing in Telangana’s 2GW solar auction

Many solar developers who were allocated capacity in the Indian state of Telangana’s 2GW solar auction are facing severe delays in the signing of agreements with the state’s government. …read more