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Live-Stream U.S. Solar Market Insight From San Diego

Sign up for GTM Squared today and make sure you are able to tune in to the live stream of GTM’s 5th Annual U.S. Solar Market Insight conference on Tuesday, November 3 and Wednesday, November 4. See the live stream agenda below. GTM event live streams are now exclusively available to GTM Squared members. As

The World’s Biggest Companies on Why They Buy Renewables: ‘It’s a Very Clear Economic Issue’

Several people told Robert Eckhardt he was crazy when he said he wanted to put solar panels on his company’s corporate headquarters nearly a decade ago. There were concerns about water runoff, high winds and the roof warranty, not to mention the fact that no one knew how to get the project financing done. “To

News Quiz: How Many Years Has America’s Newest Nuke Plant Been Under Construction?

Welcome to GTM’s energy news quiz. I’m your host, Meredith Vieira Mike Munsell. We’ve provided explainer links to all of the solutions below the quiz, so try not to cheat by looking ahead! Sign up for our newsletter to improve your score every week. How’d you do? Share this with colleagues and see if they

Energy Jobs: Minh Le Leaving DOE SunShot, Plus SunEdison, Lucid, Just Energy, SolarCity

Jeff Wolfe, co-founder of national solar installer groSolar, has joined Just Energy Group as senior VP of business strategy. Just Energy is a retail energy provider focused on electricity, natural gas, solar and green energy, offering “long-term fixed-price, variable-price, and flat-bill programs, smart thermostats, and residential solar” to its approximately 2 million residential and commercial

SolarCity cuts cord on growth strategy as cost reduction becomes new mantra

The largest solar installer in the US SolarCity dropped a major bomb in reporting third quarter financial results as it trimmed 2015 installation targets and would focus on cost reductions over growth in 2016, ahead of the potential end of ITC. …read more

Teams combine perovskite and silicon cells to reach record 18% efficiency

Teams from solar cell research institute Helmholtz-Zentrum Berlin (HZB) and the university École Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne (EPFL) in Switzerland have combined a silicon heterojunction solar cell with a perovskite solar cell monolithically into a tandem device and reached a record efficiency of 18%, with potential to hit 30% after further modifications. …read more

Latest heterojunction c-Si ‘record breaker’ among Japan’s space and time-saving solar gadgets

A heterojunction c-Si solar cell with a conversion efficiency of 25.1% has been showcased by its maker at an event hosted by the Japanese government to exhibit technological innovations in “new energy”. …read more

China considering 3-5% reduction in feed-in tariff, claim reports

The Chinese government is considering a reduction of it’s feed-in tariff of around 3-5%, according to reports by Reuters. …read more