Monthly Archives: August 2015

GTAT downsizing business with 40% workforce reduction

PV and sapphire materials equipment specialist GT Advanced Technologies (GTAT) said it would undertake a major reduction in its global workforce as it reduces expenses inline with a revised business plan ahead of expectations of emerging from Chapter 11 bankruptcy in the first quarter of 2016. …read more

Michigan Tea Party Lawmaker: ‘We Should Be Incentivizing Solar as Much as Possible’

A Michigan lawmaker more widely known for his strongly conservative positions on social issues may be an unlikely ally for those pushing for more clean energy here. State Rep. Gary Glenn, a first-term tea party Republican who also heads the state chapter of the American Family Association, says he wants to incentivize — “not mandate”

GCL-Poly increases polysilicon and wafer production to offset ASP and profit decline

The largest polysilicon producer GCL-Poly Energy Holdings increased production of both polysilicon and solar wafers to offset ASP declines that limited first half year revenue and profits. …read more

Hanwha Q CELLS replaces CTO

Major PV manufacturer Hanwha Q CELLS has appointed Seung Deok Park as its new CTO after the resignation of Dr. Jin Seog Choi, a position he held for only eight months. …read more

Spanish Utility Endesa Says It Faces a ‘Situation Unknown’ as Solar-Plus-Storage Blossoms

In response to a controversial government proposal to penalize electricity self-consumption in Spain, the country’s largest utility, Endesa, says it is taking battery storage very seriously as a threat. In early June, the Spanish Ministry of Energy proposed a tax on solar-plus storage systems of $10 per kilowatt of capacity — a fee that would

Arizona Regulators to Utilities: Get Your Money Out of State Politics

Arizona Daily Sun: Regulators Want Utilities to Keep Money Out of Campaigns Two state utility regulators want the Arizona Corporation Commission to adopt a formal policy urging utilities to stay out of future races for the panel. And if the request doesn’t stop the money, they may seek an audit of affected companies to find

Hanergy Thin Film to shed 2,000 jobs as sales to parent drop 90%

PV thin film equipment and module producer Hanergy Thin Film Power Group (Hanergy TF) said in reporting first half 2015 financial results that it would be restructuring its operations with the loss of around 2,000 jobs, 37% of its workforce of 5,458 at the end of the reporting period. …read more

America’s Utility-Scale Solar Generation Is 31 Times Higher Today Than a Decade Ago

There was a moment in 2013 and early 2014 when utility-scale solar hit a snag in America. California utilities were reaching the upper limits of their renewable energy mandates, concentrating solar power costs were not coming down as expected, and investors had turned their attention to the booming residential PV market. But that moment passed