Monthly Archives: February 2015

SDG&E’s Jim Avery on the Promise of EVs and the Pitfalls of Solar

James Avery, senior vice president of power supply San Diego Gas & Electric (SDG&E), is often asked if rooftop solar is ruining his business. SDG&E currently has 45,000 customers with rooftop solar — more than seven percent of the roughly 600,000 solar systems installed in the United States today — and that number is increasing

The Natural Resources Cloud: Opex Is the New Capex

For the past century, innovation in energy, water and agriculture has been driven by massive capital expenditure (capex). Trillions of dollars have been poured into making drill bits better, irrigation systems cheaper, and solar panels more efficient. We’ve made tremendous progress in optimizing this hardware. But the software to take advantage of it has been

Indian railways aim to install 1GW of solar power

In the next five years, India hopes to set up 1GW of solar power plants on land and rooftops owned by the railways, said rail minister Suresh Prabhu. …read more

Bulgaria terminates incentives for new renewable energy installations

Bulgaria’s parliament decided to terminate preferential prices for renewable energy installations on Thursday. …read more

Interview: Rwandan ambassador speaks of transformative power of solar in Africa

Rwanda’s ambassador to the UK has said he hopes the completion of the East African country’s first utility PV power plant earlier this month will inspire similar projects across Africa. …read more

Solar Impulse 2 successfully completes test flight in Abu Dhabi

The Solar Impulse 2 aircraft successfully completed a test flight in Abu Dhabi yesterday ahead of its attempt at circumnavigating the globe. …read more

Arizona Utility Gets Approval for High Monthly Demand Charges on Solar Customers

Arizona Republic: Utility Board Approves Large Monthly Solar Fees Salt River Project’s elected leaders on Thursday voted in favor of a rate increase and new charges for solar customers as about 200 protestors of the measures gathered at the utility’s board meeting in Tempe. Solar rate changes will add about $50 to the average solar

Tool Order: Hanergy TF wins US$660 million equipment and plant deal

Hanergy Thin Film Power Group’s thin-film equipment manufacturing subsidiary, Fujian Apollo, has won an order valued at US$660 million to supply 600MW of tools and plant operations to Shangdong Macrolink New Resources Technology Ltd. …read more